What do we love about a story?


It intrigues me to go to story time at the library. Kids like Micah (Pictured as Donatello) who rarely sit still are brought into the telling of a story and their minds are captivated so that their hands and feet sit still for a few minutes.

What is it about a story that we love?

We started “The Story” this week and as Matt said, “It put the engine parts together”. Often when we study the Bible we take it apart and look at all of the individual parts. We have separated parts of an engine. We need to look at the big picture of the Bible so we can see how it fits together then we can better understand it.The Bible is the ultimate story that all other stories model after and that is why stories captivate us. I saw this yesterday pulling children into stories about snow because the stories had the same elements that move our hearts:

A supernatural or another world= New Heaven and New Earth

Virtuous Beauty= Jesus Himself

Good (or the Hero) conquering evil= Jesus’ power over sin, disease, and death

Reconciliation of Broken Relationships= Jesus reconciled us to the Father

Redemption of People and Circumstances= Stories of people with Jesus

Victory over certain defeat= the Resurrection

Good Endings= Eternity with Jesus

Even when the characters are longingly waiting for a simple thing like snow the anticipation reminds us of the Old Testament and the anticipation of a Savior. The Bible is the best story of Good conquering evil with the greatest plot line of all time and we reduce it to one liners and separated pieces.

I’m really enjoying learning how to tell the whole story of the Bible (Creation, Fall, Rescue, Redemption)  as a narrative.

And I’m thankful for some great children’s resources that are helping me teach it to my children such as The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Biggest Story which are both on sale for Christmas:)


“A story can do much more than teach you. A story can transform you.” – Sally Lloyd Jones

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