It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Facebook memories reminded me this morning of the year that I attempted to post pictures every day of December. I thought I’d give it a try again.

Just a little festive happenings at the Horne house. I debated starting with the huge pile of food I swept up since Elliot is eating finger food now. That is boring, but my life. So don’t let these pictures deceive you into thinking that my house is always clean and decorated:) FullSizeRenderIMG_1722




And a little beauty from Downtown Wyoming in the Winter.

Merry Christmas and Happy December!!!

One of the Best Christmas Presents for Preschoolers

A laminator… no seriously!

Our kids play with their letters puzzles, alphabet, and states more than most of their other toys. I can store the printables in very little space, make more for pennies, and take them on the go.  learning Julia laminator

There are so many fun things to print from pinterest some of my favorites are Mr. Printables and Teachers Pay Teachers

Every once in a while I buy something to go with our printables (besides a dry erase marker) these include:
chocolate chips– if they can name the State, letter, shape, etc. I put it on, they get to eat it:) –magnetic letters– we put the printable on a cookie sheet and match
velcro– to get the puzzles to stick for puzzles on the go. letters

We also love finding YouTube videos that go with them.

I’m an Amazon Prime lover because I don’t have to load three kids in the car and then listen to them whine while I shop;) so this is the one I got and I love it so far.

oh and little brothers can’t eat them:)

ElliotCheck out my pinterest boards for more printable ideas.

Do you have any printables you love? Please share in the comments!

Rest. Sleep. and the Finished Work of Christ.

Do you feel rested?
Me neither…

The baby didn’t sleep.
My days are busy.
I have so much to do.
I stayed up talking to a friend.
I stayed up too late watching Netflix.

We usually associate rest with sleep. Sleep is important and sometimes the most important thing you can do is take a nap (He gives to his beloved sleep Psalm127:2) but there is so much more to rest than sleep.

I have been tired lately so naturally I have been studying rest <I guess my personality is showing>

  1. Our exhaustion shows us that we are finite. Our need for sleep reminds us daily that we can’t do it all. At some point we must stop, let everything fall, and sleep. I can’t think of a better way for God to say, “Hey Kayla, I am God and you are not.” It also encourages me to look into eternity knowing that I will not ever be wishing I had more sleep when Jesus comes back. So today I can praise God because He is God, not me, and He is coming back. When he comes back we will fully experience rest… for all eternity.
  2. God rested from His work in creation providing a model for us. God took a day of rest to ENJOY his work. It is more productive to stop and rest than continuing on in exhaustion. Put down your regular work, enjoy what you have done, and rest from it. Even moms!
  3. True Rest is finding contentment in the finished work of Christ. It is hard to rest when there is still work to be done! The most important “work” is that of Jesus doing all of the “work” for us. He Lived a perfect life and died so that we might live by grace not by works. Did you catch all those uses of work… THE work is done! Believe in the finished work of Jesus. In the midst of the craziness of life, breathe deeply in complete satisfaction that you have the righteousness of Christ, you can’t earn any better standing before God than you already have if you have trusted Jesus.

    I find great comfort in this because God does not look down on the state of my house, the pile of laundry, the unfinished dishes, the person I wanted to call but didn’t get around to and He is also the encouragement for me to continue working because a day is coming when Jesus will return saying, “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the End.” Rev. 21:6

How do you rest?

Show Them Jesus

“Gradually, I saw that Joe’s chief purpose was just to let us see Jesus a little bigger and better than we’d seen him before.” – Show Them Jesus

41YDWctSBDLTeaching the Gospel to Kids was enough to peak our interest and Klumpenhower definitely came through. Too many times we look at “stories” in the Bible and boil them down to a moral lesson, an easy application, but that is missing the point. We shouldn’t miss the fact that our sin is the giant and Jesus is the one who defeated sin and death because we are looking at the “giants” in our life and thinking we are the hero. Matt and I are going to walk through this book and we hope you join us.

If you are a Sunday School teacher at Cornerstone, you should have a copy already. (If not, talk to Matt) But anyone is welcome to this conversation.

We will start with the first chapter next week!

And if you would like to read more from Jack Klumpenhower (He has even more great resources) check out his website.

Friday favorites of August 15

Hi friends!
Summer goes by so fast! I’m still thinking it should be June but my calendar tells me it is the middle of August. Matt leaves for a short term exploratory trip to Zambia on Monday and it will be September when he gets back so I guess I should be preparing for my love of pumpkin:)

So many great books have been released recently that I might have to start feeding my Ramen for every meal so I can afford them;)

I have been reading:

Saturate– Gospel in community

Word Filled Women’s Ministry– Gospel centered and growing my love for women.

Adoption– There is a free download of the ebook

Show Them Jesus – Teaching children about Jesus through the whole Bible

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely ConvertRosaria Butterfield is one of my new favorites!

I’m thinking I need a good fiction book to read while Matt is gone… Any suggestions?

And a few favorites: lake, the park behind our house, crawling, and our first sports adventure… soccer! IMG_1165  IMG_1169 IMG_1171 IMG_1117 IMG_1114 IMG_1144 IMG_1132


Gel stain and other Friday favorites

I knew that I would love chalk paint…
and I have!

But I didn’t know about the beauty of gel stain. I like saving time just about as much as I love saving money.


My grandparents gave us this dining table that they always kept a table cloth on. With the gel stain I was able to refinish it in a few hours. No sanding or stripping or hours of children screaming while they were ignored.

IMG_0407And since there were only 4 chairs, I found this bench for $50 and made it to match. I’m not going to give you a tutorial because there are literally hundreds… but I would help you if you have a project and I would highly recommend it. The brand I bought is General Finishes in the Java color.

Since I was covered in paint…

IMG_0405Julia decided she should also be covered in paint.

Other favorites:

SiblingsFullSizeRender(2)“Vegas Baby” oh the things littles say! We actually stayed at lake Las Vegas and it was wonderful to get some sun and be away from the Crazy!

Favorite Links:
Why Youth Stay in Church

50 things a mother needs to do in the next 20 minutes– Because you need a laugh:)

When your extended family doesn’t agree with your life choices “Seriously, family opposition can be one of the most painful and difficult challenges to face. And while most of the time, they only have good intentions, it can seem unfair, as they got to choose how to raise their children.”

Happy May Day friends!


Friday Favorites 4.17.15

The last two weeks seam like they have flown by! We found a house to buy and are set to close May 13. We are so excited and it was a total answer to prayer. We have been enjoying some beautiful spring weather… and now some snow:) oh Wyoming!

Favorite pictures of the week:

Favorite links:
The Postpartum- searching for joy while waiting for a new normal.

The most important thing my parents did- Why? I ask the question from time-to-time. Why are all five of my parents’ kids following the Lord, while so many of our friends and their families are not?

Dating for the Glory of God

10 Dangerous Apps every parent needs to know about

Favorite Verse:
Acts 9:31 The believers learned how to walk in the fear of the Lord and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Favorite Pictures: IMG_0350

IMG_0353 IMG_0342IMG_0357We are off to Vegas with the fam for the weekend! What are you up to this weekend?

Friday Favorites 4.3.15

My favorite picture of the week:


My favorite blogs of the week:

Resurrection realities that reorient our evangelism- “if the resurrection is true, every Christian should be compelled to share this good news liberally and with great joy.”

A clean house and a wasted life- “If you do the things God tells you to do, messes will inevitably follow. But take heart: According to the wisest man who ever lived, these messes are not proof of a wasted life, but of a productive one.”

Helping children benefit from the sermon- “It recognizes that even the children are to hear, and to best of their ability, understand what is being preached.”

Bacon may prolong your life!- What great news:)

My favorite movie:  What’s in the Bible to remember and celebrate Good Friday. They do a fantastic job explaining the death of Jesus.

whats in the bible



Princess(We are on a princess kick after we got to see some of them at Jump Craze on Monday)

This morning the kids and I were snuggling on the couch watching Disney Jr.’s Princess Sophia. Sophia was getting to sing a song for a bunch of people and it was a really big deal. She was bragging to her friends about it and then all of a sudden she had a frog in her throat. (Just to clarify, the show is for children so she had a literal croak coming from her throat.) It would of course be very difficult to sing in that condition so she went to see what was wrong.

She discovered she had been cursed for doing something wrong.

Her solution was to discover what she had done wrong and say sorry so that the curse would be broken and she would get to sing like she wanted.

I refer to these as “band-aide apologies”. I am going to say sorry without feeling any regret, without true repentance because it will make you feel good and everything will be better for me.

That didn’t solve the problem so in the end she does her good dead and lets her friends sing instead of her. And she got her voice back… Happily Ever After…

I was thinking about the Last Supper and Maundy Thursday and then I was bombarded by band-aide apologies and good deeds. Jesus said here is my body and here is my blood that I give for you.

If He would have said, “Here is how to give a band-aide apology and do a good deed like me and the curse of sin will be broken.” then he could have returned to heaven without the whole cross part in between.

Sophia was right about the curse. It began in the garden with Adam and Eve and was passed on to all of human kind. But the curse has been broken! Not with good deeds and saying sorry, but with the blood of Jesus, 100% God and 100% man. He was perfect so He was able, He became man so that he was like us in humanity, and He was willing to die to redeem us. The curse in not a froggy throat. It is separation from God, and Jesus came and died to pay for our sin and bring us into relationship with God.

Everything will not be “Happily Ever After” with a band-aide apology and a nice gesture. The happily even after is by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and His death and His death and resurrection.

The Curse of sin is Broken!
May God be glorified the Maundy Thursday.


Friday Favorites

My favorite thing about this week was that MATT came home!

Here is my favorite baby thing of the week:FullSizeRender(1)Baby toes! All three of our kids have worn these adorable TOMS that were a present from a sweet friend before Micah was born.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs of the week:

Dear mama of only little ones

Not that bright- “You don’t have to bear the burdens of the planet, just bear witness to the one who can. You don’t have die for the sins of the world, just introduce people to the one who has. You are not the light.”

How to talk to you kids about the crucifixion- “How do we effectively communicate to our kids that the gloriousness of Easter is about much more than colored eggs and baskets of candy?”

Is Your Theology Your Idolatry- “We have often loved what we’ve learned about God more than God himself.”