Just A Few Weekend Funnies

We had a great weekend in Mbale with our friends who we are greatly missing! Matt worked on the clinic site on Saturday and had the opportunity to stay for the 15 year celebration of Hines Ugandan Ministries. Luckily his car was parked under the same tree as the celebration was taking place so he was offered a seat of honor. And of course was offered a huge 2nd lunch:)
The kids and I had a great lunch and time to catch up with some friends. Micah was “helping” some of the kids wash the car and learned a lesson in “it takes a village to raise a child.” He was given a swat on the hand for pouring water in the exhaust pipe… Lessons were learned by all:)
I got to play bunco with the ladies! It was some much needed girl time!
The traffic there and back wasn’t even too bad. Although we did get stuck in what could have been quite the traffic jam. When road construction happens in Uganda causing the lanes of traffic to go down to a single lane, all chaos breaks loose. Let me remind you this is the one main road from Jinja into Kampala (like a major interstate coming into a big city) So while traffic is stopped by the flag man waiting for traffic to come from the other way, it is a free for all push and shove to see who can get closest to the front of the line to go again. It is always crazy and usually the traffic coming the other way gets involved….


Our air conditioning doesn’t work great while sitting in traffic so on the curvy roads after the hot construction stop, Julia lost her lunch, and breakfast, and dinner, we had a huge mess. We all got a laugh and kept on our way with the windows rolled down!image2


And Micah loves to use the time in the car to practice his photography skills so I get to delete hundreds of these any time we arrive at a destination:)

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday

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