Family Friday

It is raining here today and water is getting in the front door where the dog broke the glass out this morning. We are praising God no one got hurt! I had just picked Julia up after she waved goodbye and before Matt got to the gate, Platte slammed into the door shattering the glass. I put my foot up as if I could shield us from the flying pieces. My foot was cut in the process, but that could have been Julia standing in only her diaper getting hit with flying glass.

A crazy end to a pretty normal week!

baby and ju Lots of playing outside, making the most of the sun!

coloringWe have been loving coloring! This day we were making thank yous for the Veterans.

hiding Ju and Dad Julia Boda julia journal Micah Stick siblings


cold Micah

This one is my favorite… So my kids think that this is the kind of jacket they need to wear when they feel “cold”. Casper was -25 one morning this week and my kids think pool toys will keep them warm. They are in for a surprise!

10 sleeps!

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