Fall Fun Ideas For Toddlers

Micah and I made a chain to count down days until we come home! We put fun fall activities on them to give us some fun things to look forward to as we wait for the days to pass. We thought we would share some of the fun for you to enjoy too!

Fall fun idea

-Play with play dough and make fall shapes
-Read Where is Babies Pumpkin and/or play hide and seek with a pumpkin
-Paint a Pumpkin
-Make caramel and eat it with apples

Fall Fun Ideas







-Read Froggy’s Halloween and/or play dress up
-Draw a thankful tree and add something to it each day in November
-Make a leaf crown

Fall Fun Ideas





-Make Sugar cookies
-Frost Sugar cookies
-Practice colors with leaves

Fall colors






Make Lego stamped corn


lego corn

– Go on a nature walk and collect leaves
– Make a leafy jack-o-lantern

Fall Fun Ideas







– Go on a turkey hunt
– Count leaves
– Read the story of the pilgrims
– Sensory play in popcorn and beans
-Make hand print turkeys

And can you believe it has been 6 weeks since the last 6 week goals!
How did you do?

I met most of mine but the quilt is not coming very quickly and I have a few chapters left in 2 Chronicles. I “finished” memorizing Ephesians this month although I have been going back to review and definitely slacked on that in the first few months I was pregnant. I read this week that David Platt had the entire New Testament memorized by the time he was 36! Wow what a great thing to work towards. I would have to memorize 2 chapters every 6 weeks to finish when I’m 36.

Here are my goals for the next 6 weeks: 4 in Uganda and 2 in Wyoming:)
Memorize– John 1 (&2)
Study– start Ephesians with Lexi using the “P method”
*If you are looking for a great book on studying the Bible I would highly recommend Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin
ReadOrdinary by Michael Horton and You and Me Forever by Francis Chan
Christmas– Order Christmas Cards and make a Christmas list of presents to buy
Kids– Fall Fun Ideas, make an advent list and start with What God Wants for Christmas on Dec 1

What are you planning for the next 6 weeks? Any fun fall ideas?

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