Princess(We are on a princess kick after we got to see some of them at Jump Craze on Monday)

This morning the kids and I were snuggling on the couch watching Disney Jr.’s Princess Sophia. Sophia was getting to sing a song for a bunch of people and it was a really big deal. She was bragging to her friends about it and then all of a sudden she had a frog in her throat. (Just to clarify, the show is for children so she had a literal croak coming from her throat.) It would of course be very difficult to sing in that condition so she went to see what was wrong.

She discovered she had been cursed for doing something wrong.

Her solution was to discover what she had done wrong and say sorry so that the curse would be broken and she would get to sing like she wanted.

I refer to these as “band-aide apologies”. I am going to say sorry without feeling any regret, without true repentance because it will make you feel good and everything will be better for me.

That didn’t solve the problem so in the end she does her good dead and lets her friends sing instead of her. And she got her voice back… Happily Ever After…

I was thinking about the Last Supper and Maundy Thursday and then I was bombarded by band-aide apologies and good deeds. Jesus said here is my body and here is my blood that I give for you.

If He would have said, “Here is how to give a band-aide apology and do a good deed like me and the curse of sin will be broken.” then he could have returned to heaven without the whole cross part in between.

Sophia was right about the curse. It began in the garden with Adam and Eve and was passed on to all of human kind. But the curse has been broken! Not with good deeds and saying sorry, but with the blood of Jesus, 100% God and 100% man. He was perfect so He was able, He became man so that he was like us in humanity, and He was willing to die to redeem us. The curse in not a froggy throat. It is separation from God, and Jesus came and died to pay for our sin and bring us into relationship with God.

Everything will not be “Happily Ever After” with a band-aide apology and a nice gesture. The happily even after is by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and His death and His death and resurrection.

The Curse of sin is Broken!
May God be glorified the Maundy Thursday.


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