Christmas day 2

 I used to feel bad when I would find so much joy in watching the kids sleep (especially after a long day with them). I would feel shame that I didn’t enjoy them as much during the day as I did when they were sleeping. But then I learned a much better theology of rest.

IMG_1789God rested on the seventh day to enjoy his work. So when I stop, sit, and enjoy watching my children sleep I am following the example of God. Even better than the children being asleep is that I have no shame in how hard the day was. I am not righteous before God because of how good (or not good) my parenting was in the hours proceeding sleeping children. I am righteous because Jesus was perfect and I have been giving a perfect account because of Him. That is better than sleeping babies!


What a big kid eating chicken nuggets.. I need to enjoy him sleeping more often because he is growing too fast!!IMG_1803

And yes I did let “spiderman” go to AWANA dressed just like that… they only live once:)

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