Horne baby 3 is…


Micah and Julia a excited because…


Horne baby #3 is on the way!
Micah is sure the baby is in his belly too. And wants to name the baby Minnie Mouse
Julia is pretty sure baby and belly button are the same thing since she always kisses my belly button when following Micah in kissing the baby.
We are all excited to meet the little peanut at the end of January who are we kidding Julia was two weeks late it will most likely be February.
We are a till undecided about if this baby will be born in Kampala or Wyoming, but are trusting God in making that decision. We are so thankful for the great gift that children are to us from Him.
We got to see our baby is week at 17 weeks. There is an awesome 3D ultrasound machine in Kampala.


Mostly we are excited that everything looks fine, but we also found out if our predictions were right.
Mommy- boy
Daddy- boy
Julia- baby
Micah- shark
And it is a BOY!!!

Julia screamed most of the way from the ultrasound to staff retreat, we thought it was just her hatred of the car but maybe she knows she is about to be outnumbered:)

New Puppy


Platte, our German Shepherd, is a great guard dog. Most people are scared of him and I even hear people walking outside our gate shreek when he barks as they pass. He has been a great dog for that purpose, but he is lonely, and in his loneliness drives us crazy. He just wants to play so he will run at us and try to play and run out the gate anytime we open it to leave. With Julia being the exception, he tries to knock us over. For some reason he understands that she is a baby and they have a special bond.
We decided he needed a friend (besides the monkey he has been chasing around the compound lately) so we got a puppy! She is a doll and we love her already. I would never let Platte in the house but we have been letting her sleep inside and play some with the kids. Julia lights up and runs around barking when she  comes to the door. “Arr Arr Arr” is her new favorite word copying the playful bark.
Platte thought she might be food at first, but now he can’t wait until she can really play with him. I think he is very happy to have a friend.
To go along with our love for Wyoming we are calling her Brook short for Esterbrook. Isn’t she a cutie?

image3 image4 image5 image6



We are back in Uganda from our 6 weeks of refreshment in the States. This time we landed at the Entebbe airport and knew exactly what to say and where to go, who to look for when we walked out the doors. We were surprised that they had put up security lights instead of being surprised at how dark it was and the sights and smells were all familiar as we headed back to our friends house. It was much easier landing in place that is no longer SO unknown, but it was much harder realizing what we were really saying goodbye to this time.


Our family was ready to come back because this is where God has called us to serve Him and He graciously gave all of us the desire to come back just as we were leaving Wyoming. It was rejuvenating to spend time with our friends and family and in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. Thank you to everyone who welcomed us home, fed us great food, spent time talking to us. We were so blessed by the consistent preaching and singing of truth at Cornerstone and by your continuing prayers. We loved sitting around dinner tables and listening to how God is working. It was truly a huge encouragement to us. We needed to be loved on by you all and now we are ready to be back to share the love of God in Uganda.
We came back to a home that has not stayed the same. People come and people go. I didn’t realize the revolving door that missionaries face everyday until I was in it being in one door and watching people come and go in another. It is hard to say hello and goodbye so quickly. We are moving in that door again, moving this time to Entebbe. The eMi work has moved on and we are moving with it. We thought we wouldn’t be moving until the end of the year, but the door has sped up. This will be our third move in just over a year and a half. Putting a house together in a third world country is always an exciting challenge and the work of moving stuff with little kids who don’t understand but do all at the same time is painful. I think our two year old understands that God will never leave him better than most because we have had to answer hard questions already about leaving and being left. That is the hard part not just for a two year old but all of us. We say hello and goodbye so much, we pray that we will have the energy to keep saying hello and not close ourselves off from the pain of goodbyes. And that others will say hello to us knowing that we are all in this revolving door together. “This world is not our home” has never felt more real or more encouraging.


Maybe I will write later about more from our home assignment and there is more exciting news coming that I can’t wait to tell you all about. But for now thanks for reading, I’m going to take a deep breath and do a little packing.
Have a great weekend!

Julia is 9 months old

Julia is 9 months old!

She loves to feed herself, but doesn’t like pureed food from a spoon.
Still no teeth. (But I think she is working on them)


She says mama, dada, and hi
She waves
She claps


She loves to stand
She has an awesome one foot one knee crawl


Just this week she has started letting go of things she is holding onto to stand. Micah walked at 9 months and we are guessing she will too.

She LOVES Micah! They are already so close.
People still ask if they are twins.
She is full of smiles and brightens everyone’s day! I often hear, “Oh, She likes me!”
We love you miss Julia.

Reflections on 1 year in Uganda


Saturday marks one year since we boarded a plane in Wyoming with one way tickets to Uganda. It has been quite the year better and worse than I expected. I am different, but I am the same, I have grown, but mostly I have learned how little I know.IMG_3978

Here are a few of my thoughts from one year in Uganda:

It is harder than I ever imagined
It is easier than I ever imagined
Having children in a foreign place changes EVERYTHING
There are so many more food items available than I thought
Unfortunately they are not consistently available
Menu plans must ALWAYS be flexible (you never know when something will just not be stocked)
Cultural differences are deeper than I even imagined
I love American Toilets
Parenting is incredibly cultural
Being told how to parent is a very stressful part for me
My family has been incredibly strengthened by being here
I love rice and beans
I love making things fresh but I cried many times trying to figure out what to cook at first
I miss the convenience of America
The avocado and pineapple are unbeatable here
I miss variety
I love drive thrus
I love having someone pump gas for me
driving on the left isn’t so bad
I LOVE dishwashers
If you are out of clothes to wear and the laundry is on the line… it will rain
Talking in someone else’s accent makes it easier for them to understand you
I LOVE people from the UK
Meeting people from all over the world is one of my favorite things about living here
Most missionaries aren’t pastors according to what I have seen
I like drinking coffee and tea when it is hot out but it took getting used to
God is truly the one in control. I became more aware of this not having an ambulance, great health care, traffic laws, honest police, guaranteed stocked food items.
I would have to be dying to go to the doctor
Flu does not mean they think my kids are sick… it just means they have boogers
“give me one” (of my children) isn’t a threat its a compliment
People will never believe me that my children aren’t twins
Please is a very cultural word… It isn’t polite just because you say please and it isn’t rude because you didn’t and you can throw it in anywhere and it makes sense to someone please.
“Its OK” means yes here and no in America
I was talking to a travel agent about the ticket for the way “home” she assumed America, I assumed where I was leaving from. Where is “home”?
Parks are awesome!
America should have a playground at more restaurants.
Country music always makes me smile. Yes sometimes I hear it even here!
I say sorry when someone falls, it expresses empathy
U.S. tax dollars almost kill me everyday U.S. aide has close to $1 million worth of vehicles parked down the street and they drive CRAZY!
I do not like being called Madame
I love paved roads
I love landfills and hate the smell of burning trash
Dairy is not the same
I love Target
I love the sun, yes a few nights I have wished for some cool air, but I haven’t missed the snow yet
CARPET almost makes me cry when I face time my family and they forget to turn the camera back around. I miss it so much!
Julia has never been to America and Micah has spent half of his life in Uganda.
I am a small town girl. In Uganda and America I would much rather be in the town than the city.
I love the Veggie Man who just stopped by with produce from the mountain
I love mountains
I don’t mind lizards and frogs in my house
I hate ants
The Nile is majestic
I love going for a Wyoming hike and seeing no one
These worlds are colliding, I could not choose one over the other.



Micah is 2!

MG_2135   Happy Second Birthday Micah!

I can’t believe how much of a little man he is becoming.

Favorite toys: Cars, and Legos
Favorite food: Ketchup or fruit snacks
Favorite drink: Apple Juice
First two words together: Apple Juice
First thing he wants in the morning: Apple Juice (or Cars)
Longest sentence: Mommy more apple juice please, Thanks
Favorite time of the day: when JuJu wakes up
Favorite Animal: Chicken
Wearing: no shoes, no shirt, shorts over his diaper if we are lucky:)
Sleeping: In a big boy bed
Learning: Colors
Red (Ka chow)
Blue (Sally)
Yellow (George)
Green (Joe)
White (Ana)
Black (Car)
Orange (Planes)
Pink (Pink)
Loves: Playing outside, Water, Baths, JuJu, Toy Story, Everything Cars, Crashing, Jumping, Finger painting, Bouncing off the walls (literally).

Birthday Party with friends:
We just filled up the baby pool and let the kids play!
Micah requested Banana cup cakes:)
It was simple and fun.
So thankful for our Mbale friends!

Matt had the camera in the car until nearly the end sorry Ja Ja and Nina for the lack of pictures.

Good Days


Some days are really hard as missionaries in Uganda and some days are just awesome! We didn’t get a white Christmas but we did get to go to the pool (that isn’t even heated) the day after Christmas. It was the first Christmas I spent away from my parents and siblings, but I discovered having children is better than being a child on Christmas. I didn’t get to eat Carmel rolls with my family, but Micah sat on the counter and helped me make breakfast before anyone else was up. We didn’t have a candle light Christmas Eve service, but we did have a Christmas Day service. I didn’t have a Christmas radio station in the car, but our neighbors serenaded us with recorders. No one wished me happy holidays but our Muslim veggie man wished us a merry Christmas . We didn’t get to have a snowball fight… Oh wait yes we did because my amazing brother sent us a package of fake snowballs! It’s not really about any of those things anyway, it’s about Jesus. I was able to enjoy all of those things because every good gift Is from Him. Ultimately I want to enjoy Jesus, be satisfied in Jesus, celebrate Christmas because of Jesus. Everything else is just a bonus!image2 image3 image4 image5 image


Yep we wiped the out! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you enjoyed it but most I hope you enjoyed Jesus!

Hines Christmas Party


This is Hines Ugandan Ministries.

These are the children that Matt has been working to build a school for.


Today we got to watch the Jesus film and eat with over 1000 children from the village… Ok lets be honest… I chased around Micah and his entourage. His white skin, blond hair, and age make him a target for skin rubbing, and hair touching, and holding. He is a trooper



We are so blessed by Katherine Hines and all of the HUM staff. We love to spend time with them and the children. This was a very special Christmas celebration. It is incredible that they cooked for this many people over fires! They are incredible and have such an amazing love for the Lord. To God be the glory!



We are baby sitting a kitten for our friends while they went to Kampala for the week. They had some friends that were so excited to find them a kitten that they probably took it from its mom too early. It is the smallest kitten I think I have ever seen. Micah loves kittens and they were looking for a temporary home so we volunteered.

Julia is excited about everything these days as she is learning the world, but she squeals every time she sees it. 

 And Micah couldn’t be happier…. except when it bites him, or claws him, or mom says the kitty is napping and he can’t play with it.

Maybe before the week is up we will decide we need a kitty too. We do have an occasional mouse…

Saying goodbye


So I took this picture last weekend when we were in Kampala but I am posting it today because it is the day our friends left to go back home to Australia.

They were wonderful friends to us while we were living in Kampala. They were our closest eMi neighbors and a huge encouragement. They watched Micah while we had too many appointments for Julia, we prayed together, and we learned lots about Australia! 
Weed wacker = whipper snipper 
Saying goodbye is something we never expected to be so hard in Uganda. People come and go constantly reminding us that this world is not our home and making us very thankful we have met some wonderful people that we will get to spend all eternity with!